Friday, February 3, 2012

3 checked, 1 failed, and 123 to go

I like to set a lot of New Year's Resolutions. No, not because I am super ambitious but because I like a lot of options. And the odds are much greater that I will actually complete at least one.

I am so not an 'all my eggs in one basket' kinda girl.

But, I don't get hung up on failed resolutions either. I made a resolution to run a marathon every year for 6 years before it actually happened. So if it's failed one year, it doesn't mean it can't come back again, and again, and yet again.

Well, I am proud to report that I have already completed 2 and stuck to 1 of my resolutions for 2012! Woohoo! Probably the best I have ever done. I like having a few that you just have to check off a list. Success builds upon success, so every little win I have propels me forward into my other resolutions/goals.

Let me get the fail out of the way right now.

Every year, scratch that, every week, I vow that I will clean my kitchen every night before I go to bed. Period. I am after all a real adult, so I should have been on board with this a while ago. I love how great I feel in the morning walking out to a clean kitchen. Not having to start chores asap is so nice. It keeps my head clear and makes for a great day. But somehow that knowledge means nothing to me at night when I decide to sit on my ass in front of the TV, or more often than not hop right in bed and go to sleep. So this one will have to be a work in progress. How do you motivate yourself to clean up at night? And all my friends with OCD that can't go to sleep until it looks perfect need not reply. I secretly hate you for having that quality.

On to some WINS!

I told myself that 2012 was the year of me doing a race in just a sports bra and skirt/shorts. So you would think I would give myself a little bit of time to drop a few more pounds and really sculpt out my abs, possibly hold off on the wine for more than a 2 day stretch, and send a break up letter to Alberto's breakfast burritos. Nah. Let's just get it out of the way now. So I did. Last weekend I ran the Tinkerbell Half Marathon as Flounder. Or what Flounder would look like if he were a girl heading to the main stage. If you don't get that reference, be very proud.

This is my real runner friend Lisa, check out her blog to see what a running blog should look like.

I was pretty bold about my next resolution as I blurted it out to all of my Body Back classes. By January 31st I would have my office clean, with a system in place for handling papers etc. so that I could finally work more efficiently. Well, I DID IT! And by I DID IT, I mean I hired my friend Barbi who is SUPER organized, and she did most of it while I drank wine to handle my anxiety. I would say I was a consultant. Luckily I watch the show Hoarders often, so I knew what to expect with my CPO. Again a reference that if you don't get it, you are clearly on the right path.

So here is the final product. Weird that I don't have any before pictures, but let me just tell you that you wouldn't have known it was an office. My Mother in Law kindly referred to it as our 'oh shit' room.

Now I know, like with everything, maintenance is usually the hardest part. But, it feels so amazing to work in a clean, productive space. Plus, Barbi could pop in anytime and see what I have done so I need to be on it!

Lastly, well so far, in keeping in line with de-cluttering my work life, I vowed to keep my work email inbox to 1 page at all times.

Yes, I know what you are thinking....umm 46 emails is hardly de-cluttered. But, 50 fit on a page. 50 is manageable. 50 I can sort through in 20-30 minutes and complete everything. And 50, compared to my usual 300 is a HUGE win. I am taking it.

So what has changed? Why am I banging out more resolutions this year than previous years? I had to really think about it. What was different? And I think it comes down to a few core choices.

1. This is the year I am done getting in my own way. I refuse to hold myself back from what could be, because I am too scared of failure. Lucky for me I get to preach this to women everyday so it gets stuck in my head too ;)

2. I have an overall goal and plan that is so much clearer than ever before in my life. Knowing what I want down the line, helps me take steps towards my vision.

3. My focus is forever on the positive, and I surround myself with people who are like mined and moving forward. Watching others take leaps towards their goals give me a little extra strength and confidence to go for mine.

So there you have it 2012, so far we are off to a great start! How are you with your resolutions? Are you ready to recommit?

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  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    You definitely ROCKED that sports bra. I am inspired. I want to rock a sports bra. Let's go for a run and you can talk me into it...

    I want to clean my kitchen before bed and I wish there was a magic pill. No OCD in this household. While you're at it, if you find the secret to putting laundry away in a timely manner, let me know. I HATE digging through baskets of clean clothes to find things for the kids to wear.

    And, is your friend Barbi available to the general public?