Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Power of Running

I just got off the phone with one of my clients/friend/neighbor and had to share the news she shared with me.

Meg has been doing some personal training with me for only 3 weeks in an attempt to add to the running ability she has created out of thin air in just over a year. You see, Meg was never a 'runner' and in fact I think she used to look at me weird when I would take off for a run, saying- oh I could never run that far... I would NEVER run a half marathon. But then, something inside her started to change, and she began to run. All it took was one 5K and she was hooked. I remember her walking across the street with a huge grin on her face, excited to give me the play by play of her run. she shared her story, and said to me, 'I get it now.'

Fast forward to a year later, a couple half marathons under her belt, with her time increasing with each one I might add, and she knocks on my door. She loves running, but had just decided running alone wasn't enough. She wanted to kick ass and take names! Now we're talking!!! I got her on a great strength program to build her core and speed work mixed with tempo runs to build her speed.

I texted her today to check in on her at home workout, and she called me back immediately with exciting news to share.

She had gone to the Dr. today for her annual exam, and after the exam was over, sat chatting with her Dr. about how she compared to one year ago today.

One year ago, she was suffering from heart palpitations...today, no episodes, and no medication. One year ago she was suffering from anxiety...today, no anxiety, and no medication taken. One year ago today, her resting heart rate was 90 (it has been high her whole life)...today, 76. The Dr. seemed confused that all of her problems from last year had disappeared without any magic pill. Heavy periods...gone. Bad cramps...gone. Break outs...gone.

Meg didn't think much of it, but a light bulb went off when she got home. One year ago is when she started to run. One year ago is when she got the fire in her belly, to get out and push herself, to achieve goals she once thought impossible. One year ago is when she changed her old habits of heading to Target for a Starbucks to de-stress, and instead headed out for a kick ass run.

Now you might think this isn't all from running. And you're probably right. But running is what started it all. The transformation to a healthier life, making better choices to fuel your body, and dealing with stress in a productive, rather than a destructive way. Sometimes it's hard to see changes happening, mainly because focus is only there when you feel bad. You don't notice how great you feel because you have nothing bad to base it against. It's not until you sit down and really think back to how you felt before, that you realize all the good you have done for your body.

Meg took to running so naturally, and now I know why. Her body, mind, and spirit needed running. And it welcomed the new sport with open arms.

Now, how quickly can you lace up your shoes and get out the door for a run? Mine are going on as we speak.

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